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  • Networking: ALMC offers unparalleled networking opportunities allowing members to connect with peers and allied healthcare providers. ALMC teleconferences, webinars and special events are geared to help members gain access to industry experts, best practices, tools, information and resources geared to help member further succeed in palliative music care volunteering and advocacy.
  • New Opportunities: ALMC’s local and national online forum represent a robust environment for gaining a broad range of perspectives on new opportunities, best practices and steadfast advancements in palliative music care programs and initiatives.
  • Communication: The field of complementary and alternative uses of music in life music care treatment is always in a state of innovation and change. ALMC members can keep up with the newest developments and scientific breakthroughs through member events, newsletters and online forums.
  • Mentoring: ALMC partners with expert mentors and consultants who provide personalized business development and career advancement through various multidisciplinary counseling approaches.
  • Education: ALMC partners with expert education affiliates who offer a variety of certification courses beneficial to career advancement and specialization in the field of palliative music care. 
  • Profile Privacy Settings: ALMC members have full control over their profile privacy settings and can change or update their settings at any time by logging into their online profile.
  • Free Unlimited Life Music Listening (FULML): ALMC provides FULML to member students, volunteer, advocates and providers in various Life Music™ (LM) styles and genres geared to help ALMC members better serve persons and families in need.
  • PMC Survey's: ALMC members have access to innovative Life Music Care™ (LMC) Surveys which helps members obtain valued "no-name" comments and outcomes information which ALMC complies and reports in the semblance of general population statistics to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) for use in supporting co-missions and initiatives.
  • Differentiation: Life Music Care™ Students, Volunteers, Advocates and Providers are in the unique position to gain a competitive edge by utilizing of all the resources available through ALMC membership. Moreover, specializing in complementary and alternative uses of music in palliative care treatment can help members connect with potential sources for interdisciplinary team, outpatient, facility, and home based palliative care programs, as well as the potential for inpatient palliative care services.
  • Miracle Music Awards: All ALMC members are "nominating members" in  ALMC – Miracle Music Awards™ program and are eligible to apply to ALMC Awards Committee for voluntary palliative music judging, voting, testimonial, and production assignments. 
  • Accreditation: ALMC Board of Standards provides accreditation to members through ALMC's Member Identification Card downloadable from current members profile page.
  • Value Proposition: To fully receive the benefits of membership, members need to be engaged with ALMC. As with any membership, however, you get what you put into it. Getting involved as often as possible and you will reap the benefits offered to you as a member.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade/Cancel: ALMC members may upgrade (upon qualification of up-level prerequisites), downgrade or cancel membership at any time. Memberships not renewed in 14 days of the members anniversary date convert to lapsed status. Members wishing to upgrade or downgrade membership should do so 10 days prior to their anniversary date as ALMC's current auto-payment system does not provide a pro-rated, refund, or auto-adjustment feature.  
  • Trademarks: ALMC members may use ALMC managed trademarks in written or verbal correspondence with the general public in a manner that does not defame o discredit the name(s) for purposes of providing reference to general information only. Members with questions pertaining to ALMC managed trademark usage are encouraged to Message Chair at American Life Music Council.
  • Career Opportunities: ALMC is always on the lookout for talented and skilled individuals to help organize and lead local and national meetings, workshops, CME courses and legislative committees. Helping ALMC work to further complementary and alternative uses of music in palliative care treatment, as well as to help improve the overall state of healthcare, can be a very rewarding opportunity. For updates on the latest field opportunities, visit ALMC Job Post.
  • Presentations: ALMC members may apply to ALMC Research & Development Committee to make voluntary presentations at, and propose meeting topics for ALMC webinars, events and online forums.
  • Scientific Interest Groups: ALMC members may apply to ALMC Research & Development Committee to start or join a Scientific Interest Group within ALMC, which focus on a particular area of interest within the field of palliative music care.

Member Perks

  • Exclusive Online Resources: ALMC's website has “members only” pages that provides access to a variety of message boards and databases. There are also automated event emails that notify you about special events that are usually not open to the general public.
  • Discounted or free publications: ALMC membership includes a free access to ALMC Free Unlimited Life Music Listening service and other information based newsletter as published.
  • Seminars and conferences: ALMC members receive priority registration for any event hosted by ALMC which may include special rates on conference fees, accommodations and other business related expenses. 
  • Resume builder: Graduates, fresh out of college, typically have limited or no work experience, where ALMC STUDENT membership could be a great resume builder for such people. If you are an extremely active member in ALMC Member Provider Volunteer Programs, you may even get a chance of internship that will earn you valuable work experience. Even for Students who are already employed and not currently looking for a new job, ALMC provides and opportunity for members to continuing building their resume by obtaining a leadership position, serving on a committee, or writing articles published by ALMC.
  • National Presence: ALMC tracks federal and state legislative developments that impact the fields of complementary and integrative health, palliative care, music therapy, and several other related influences that may have significant impact on ALMC members, and reports finding, comments and/or lobbying initiatives to all ALMC members.
  • Civic leadership: As a student or businessperson, you may lack the time needed to sponsor an event, locate like-minded partners or participate in community development activities. Through ALMC, members can participate as little or as much as desired in many worthy projects projects geared to further palliative music care for persons and families in need.
  • Finding your passion: There can be no faster energy boost than involving yourself with something that you are passionate about, like helping children, adults and seniors reduce symptoms of chronic pain through non-invasive neuro-stimulating palliative music listening.
  • Creating a legacy: Hospitals, home health agencies, hospice, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, adult day cares, assisted living facilities and etc., are generally open to welcoming quality volunteers to the team, which can be a great way to create a legacy.

Understanding ALMC

There are many numbers of associations that label themselves as a professional organization or body. Most of them are usually charitable or nonprofit organizations that seek to further the importance of a specific profession and their members.

There’s no uniform constitution that defines a professional organization. For example:

  • Many associations dedicate themselves to the interest of the members, to a point of being registered trade unions, like the United Steelworkers in the US.
  • Others could be societies that purely function to standardize, unify, monitor quality, promote research, further education, along with updating the skills of practicing professionals.
  • A major role of a few organizations is to control the awarding of professional qualification certificates, and even issuing the license of practice. 
  • Yet others take up a more disciplinary role for members in that particular profession for maintaining ethical standards.

That said, American Life Music Council (ALMC) is a national coalition of health care providers dedicated to furthering complementary and alternative uses of music in life music care treatment for persons and families coping with serious illness, and operates as a national alliance of like-minded professionals with special interests in advancing palliative music care awareness and options.

The differences in the work of a professional organization often create confusion in people’s minds. A common misunderstanding is that awarding a “fellowship,” “chartered” or "member" status always means a specific professional competence. However, this is not really true, and the honors bestowed upon individuals may be given for several reason. Also, we often hear people complaining about competence of a practicing individual in the profession, to the professional organization, unaware of the fact that the power, leave alone the eagerness of the association to mediate in such a case, is greatly limited. To this extent, ALMC does not mediate member compliance issues nor provide expert witness service and should defer such mediation to the members regulatory authority and/or state licensing agency.

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