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Ask Your Doctor — if Life Music Care™ is Right for You

Music has the ability to provide a variety of benefits to various listeners who often make music listening part of their daily routine.

For many people, listening to music they select, enjoy and control in the comfort of their own environment can help them achieve a variety of benefiting outcomes.

For example, self-directed music listening could help an individual:
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve mood and happiness
  • reduce chronic pain and nausea
  • reduce side effects of treatment
  • improve energy and motivation
  • improve sleep and healing
  • improve memory and focus
  • improve mindfulness and function
  • improve confidence, self-esteem and more

A Life Music Care™ (LMC) Simple Survey is a comprehensive yearly wellness visit with a participating primary care doctor that considers various aspects of your self-directed music listening routine that could be integrated with your annual wellness plan.

Ultimately, LMC may not be right for everyone and may expose individuals to risks associated with self-directed music listening and more. Ask your doctor if Life Music Care™ (LMC) is right for you.*

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