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What is corporate wellness?

Being healthy is important for living well and achieving longevity. In the business realm, corporate wellness helps employers promote employee health and wellness, as these workers tend to be more productive, have fewer rates of absenteeism, and use less of their health insurance resources. Consequently, employers and managers must reflect upon wellness policies and objectives, consult with professionals, and discuss the ramifications thereof prior to implementation.

What is the future outlook of corporate wellness?

We studied the wellness industry to understand the changes in its supply side, the drivers of these changes, future trends, and their implications for employers and policy makers and found:

  • The industry is expanding and becoming increasingly diverse and competitive
  • Wellness companies are redefining their business models to promote a culture of health; and
  • The value proposition of employee wellness programs is shifting from a return on investment to a new idea

What are the fundamentals of LMC corporate wellness planning?

The fundamentals of Life Music Care™ (LMC) corporate wellness planning are:

  • Support of key decision makers is critical to the successful implementation of a corporate wellness program. Therefore, the program implementation plan must be communicated in a format and language readily understood by business people.
  • A business approach to corporate wellness program planning provides a standardized way to communicate the implementation plan.
  • A business approach incorporates the program planning components in a format that ranges from general to specific. This approach allows for flexibility and responsiveness to changes in program planning.
  • Components of the business approach are the executive summary, purpose, background, ground rules, approach, requirements, scope of work, schedule, and financials.


Become a Life Music Care™ Corporate Wellness Partner!

What are the primary benefits of corporate wellness?

  • First, the corporate culture encouraged wellness to improve employees' lives, not only to reduce costs.
  • Second, employees and leadership were strongly motivated to support the wellness programs and to improve their health in general.
  • Third, employees were motivated by a participation-friendly corporate policy and physical environment.
  • Fourth, successful programs adapted to the changing needs of the employees.
  • Fifth, community health organizations provided support, education, and treatment.
  • Sixth, successful wellness programs utilized technology to facilitate health risk assessments and wellness education. Improved health-related and economic outcomes were associated with employer-sponsored wellness programs. Companies with successful programs tended to include wellness as part of their corporate culture and supported employee participation in several key ways.

What is an Integrative Wellness Plan

Workplace wellness programs cover over 50 million U.S. workers and are intended to reduce medical spending, increase productivity, and improve well-being. Yet limited evidence exists to support these claims. We designed and implemented a comprehensive workplace wellness program for a large employer and randomly assigned program eligibility and financial incentives at the individual level for nearly 5,000 employees. 

We find strong patterns of selection: during the year prior to the intervention, program participants had lower medical expenditures and healthier behaviors than nonparticipants. The program persistently increased health screening rates, but we do not find significant causal effects of treatment on total medical expenditures, other health behaviors, employee productivity, or self-reported health status after more than two years. Our 95% confidence intervals rule out 84% of previous estimates on medical spending and absenteeism.

What are the benefits of providing life music care education?

Discovering ways to initiate and maintain health related behavior changes is a growing concern to business and industry. This research supports previous data indicating that wellness programs offered at the worksite are significantly beneficial in assisting employees to change behavior. This research did not find significant benefits to the employees who obtained health status information prior to participating in a worksite health program; however, the health assessment tool was informative and may have been adequate to assist in behavior changing activities. Wellness programs are important factors for promoting health related behaviors; failure of this study to support the importance of assessment feedback does not negate the desirability of assessment as an important component of the corporate wellness program.

  • Attract New Clients
  • Increase Client Satisfaction
  • Expand Outreach 
  • Differentiate Services
  • Innovate Business
  • Share Best Practices
  • National Directory Listing

How Does LMC Expand Outreach

Life Music Care™ (LMC) provides an opportunity to reach out and connect with a larger demographic on a deeper level through music-based wellness coaching services.

How Does LMC Add More Service Value

Life Music Care™ (LMC) provides an opportunity to help individuals integrate their personal music listening preferences with a custom wellness plan geared to promote various personal goals and objectives, such as:
  • non-invasive brain-stimulation
  • stress and anxiety reduction
  • chronic pain and nausea reduction
  • quality sleep and healing
  • emotion and mood support
  • mindfulness and memory support
  • motivation and movement, and
  • spiritual awareness and consciousness
How Does LMC improve employee and customer satisfaction?

These results support the premise that worksite programs designed to improve resiliency in healthcare employees have efficacy in improving resiliency, quality of life and health behaviors. Given the importance of stress and burnout in healthcare employees, future randomized studies are warranted to determine more clearly the impacts of this type of resiliency intervention for improving the wellness of healthcare workers.


Become a Life Music Care™ Corporate Wellness Partner!

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